Mindless Musings #3

A bonfire, a friendship and a paradox.

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A bonfire, a friendship and a paradox. Three unrelated entities that came together. This is a story of how.

Completely different yet somehow bizarrely functional, such was our connection.

This is how I met The Boy Who Loves Bonfires.

I had come up with a rhythm to which I bobbed my head, sitting impatiently. It was yet another day in a class I wasn’t very fond of. Don’t get me wrong, I was great at the subject.The class, however,was a borefest.

There is always that one class where no one pays attention. Everyone is either dozing off or daydreaming. The latter is more my thing.

The seat next to me was unoccupiedโ€ฆuntil, it just wasn’t. My daydream came crashing down when I heard the sound of metal screeching as
the seat next to me was pulled backward.

Within seconds, a complete stranger who I had occasionally seen in the hallways, sat next to me.

That is probably the most boring and cliched starting to what became one the most beautiful friendships of my life.

While I admit that the beginning was awkward and rocky, a few months later we were inseparable.

“The Boy Who Loves Bonfires,” such was his epithet.

Bonfires? I mean what’s so out of the blue about bonfires?

Fire. An element of life, a symbol of damnation, a source of energy, the hallmark for death. A purifier and a destroyer.

A paradox.

In the last sacrament of life in many cultures, corpses are burnt. Day after day, countless people die, yet the living wish to live forever.

The bodies of the dead are burned as they depart on a journey to whatever lies in the afterlife. Smoke stacks choke the skies.

The holy element of fire is hence linked to the end of a loved one’s journey amongst the living.

Fire, then becomes eerie and sinister to many people.

While my friend envisaged a starry night, sitting across a bonfire, with blankets and marshmallows.

The heat from the fire soothing the frigid air and the shivering toes. Consuming, devouring, annihilating the wood in order to stay alive.

Orange flames cackling while they dance, throwing vivid shadows and shapes under the dark of the night.

Its reflections in the eyes of the people gathered around, whispering secrets as its warmth caresses each soul.

Burning with the valiant desire to breathe. It reminded him of the beauty of being alive, each day.

“We can complain that rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice that thorns have roses,” while I had heard this many times, The Boy Who Loves Bonfires brought it to life and made me live it.

The Boy Who Loves Bonfires taught me a way of life.

I like to think of fire as the calm before a storm. Sometimes, the storm strikes and there is death, devastation, and loss to deal with. Sometimes, the storm passes over. It doesn’t strike. On those days, there is relief, warmth, calm and joy that the fire itself spreads.

I wonder sometimes, does fire know of its power? To create and destroy. Or does it remain an oblivious paradoxical element.

A paradox contradicts itself. It has various faces to it. The one we choose to focus on arbitrates much of our lives.

This I learned from him.

Who would have thought that a friendship that began in the dullest possible way would spark a fire. Dazzling and alive.

60 replies on “Mindless Musings #3”

Really loved how you have portrayed the dilemma thay goes inside a head. It isnโ€™t easy to just let someone new enter our lives because the results are unknown to us. Sometimes it is wonderful, the other maybe life lessons. But each time we let someone inside, I believe we learn a part of ourselves we never knew we could have in us. Very well written.

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Hi Harsh, thank you for taking the time to read. I hope you are well. True words! The unknown scares a lot of us, including me. Yes, every new connection brings something new for us. Most of the times, we are unprepared for it. I guess the beauty of the whole thing is that we are completely clueless most of the time. Most such things have hit me like a truck lol. I am so glad you enjoyed this. Have a blessed day. ๐ŸŒบ

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Hey Dawn, thank you for taking the time to read! Oh yes, that’s a night well spent! Yeah, the whole ambience does that. A journey and learnings for the soul. I think its both, maybe. An adventure! I am so glad you enjoyed it. Have a blessed and happy day! ๐ŸŒน


Hi Michele, thank you for taking the time to read. I am so glad you thought so! I really appreciate you leaving your positive feedback here, it made me smile! So thank you for that, too. Have a happy and blessed day. ๐ŸŒน

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Hey, thank you for taking the time to read. I thought sodium produces a yellow flame in the flame test? Guess I was wrong! I really appreciate you leaving a comment here. Have a great day! ๐ŸŒผ


It’s streetlight orange… But remember concentration will effect color we perceive…no not a dash more suddenly it’s a purple silliness. However, yellow dye is a sorta red in high concentration…. Hence red pepper isn’t a red but a “yellow”. A lot of things are like that…not quite as they seem different when they aren’t. Don’t mistake me well read here, the idea interests me but I’m not a college grad here.

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I am not a college grad either, not yet at least! I just finished high school. College has nothing to do with knowledge, mostly, or so I believe. Thank you for this insight! I could never have guessed. It’s really fascinating how it could change colours so quickly! Purple, and orange and yellow. Wow. True words. Sometimes the reality is quite different from our perception.


We might have just had a little jumbling up of what ya read of what I meant ;). It is okay as yo take away the key point. Reality is often different than it can be perceived. (Fires red, oranges yellows and whites are often the sodium and overall energy expelled…. No no purples! However! If one wantsore orange using a PURPLE filter would be how that’s achieved. (Inverse or opposite s in colors. Hence an orange vegetable makes a purple dye of our eyes to see better at night…. Weird stuff science. Or how peppers red is really a yellow pigment. Sorry to confuse.

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Okay, I get you now! We should probably call red peppers yellow peppers then? Would be more accurate, haha. Sodium metal might become my favourite, I guess. I love the orange and the yellow colour it emits. Whoever knew colours would get so complicated, too. lol. Purple filter for orange and purple dye to view it at night. Wow. No confusion at all now! I love learning new things. Thank you!

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Hi Cheryl, thank you for taking the time to read. Ahh, I am glad you enjoyed this. Yes, indeed! Word to the wise. Oh, I think it’s taking a toll on the college plans of the entire batch of 2020 worldwide. So we’ll just have to wait it out! Thank you, again. Have a blessed day. ๐ŸŒบ


Hey Piyush, thank you for taking the time to read! I am so glad you enjoyed it. I read twilight a very long time ago so I don’t remember most of it but I really appreciate your kind words! Have a happy day. ๐ŸŒผ

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