Eric, William and Ernest

“Your words become your world.” -Nadeem Kazi

Image from: Pinterest

Eric, William and Ernest,
had all devoted their words to her.
Each syllable stirred, an innominate emotion,
each word pulled at her heartstrings.

So she set sail,
her heartsrings moulded into a mast,
her heart became the anchor
as she embarked to write about him.

‘His eyes, the colour of Earth
almost as if they dared her to venture,
to unearth the secrets they veiled
left her bewitched.

His scent intoxicated her,
reminded her of the comfort and stability
his arms offered as they engulfed her.
His heart beating in her ears.

His presence, made her heart smile,
propelled warmth into her soul
and dazzled her spirit,
promising to stay beside her.’

A single tear escaped from each eye
as she put the pen down
Each word that she had inscribed
sent a wave of sorrow.

As she mourned what could have been,
as she grieved over her loss,
as she devoted words to him
she became Eric, William and Ernest.

Image from: Pinterest

33 replies on “Eric, William and Ernest”

One sided love will always hold a special place in our hearts, pouring in our writings whenever a needle of old memories hits hard. We, as poets, can never forget its beauty. Excellent write Rishika. Hope you are well. 😇

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Hi Harsh, thank you for taking the time to read. True, although painful, unrequited love has a certain beauty and purity attached to it. I really appreciate your kind and supportive words. I am good and I hope the same for you. Stay safe. 🌼

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Hey, ahh yes, it brings immense pain and sadness. It becomes so difficult to let go of what might have been that so many of us often choose to live in the past and let the present drift away. Thank you for taking the time to read and for leaving this insightful comment. Have a beautiful day. 🌼

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